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Migraines Don’t Wait For Your Day Off

See how these hard-working people handle migraines at work.

Han, EMT, Migraine Sufferer

This EMT needs relief for his migraines so he can save the people in his community.

Sara, Pastry Chef, Migraine Sufferer

For Sara, control over her migraines means being able to pursue her passion for cooking.

Maggie, Interpreter, Migraine Sufferer

Understanding for her migraines at work has made Maggie’s job so much more fulfilling.

See For Yourself

Take a look at what migraines are really like at work.

How To View 360º Video

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An EMT’s Migraine at Work

A 360º look at a migraine getting in an EMT’s way at an intense rescue.

A Pastry Chef’s Migraine at Work

A 360º look at a migraine starting during dinner shift in a bustling kitchen.

More About Migraines at Work

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Excedrin® Migraine

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    and sensitivity
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*Among OTC medicine for migraines
Symphony Health Solutions, 2017


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