Fast Fix: How to Get Permanent Marker off the Wall

Hand sanitizer can prevent permanent marker from sticking around.

Your child may be the next Michelangelo. Still, you’d prefer she keep her masterpieces on paper rather than going all Sistine Chapel on your freshly painted walls. But just because she drew in permanent marker doesn’t mean the marks have to be permanent — there’s a quick fix to return your walls to their proper hue in no time.

Whether it’s child-created mural or a rogue mark from measuring, rubbing alcohol will lift permanent marker ink from walls in minutes. First, pour a bit of rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and spot test in a small area that’s not noticeable to make sure the wall won’t suffer discoloration or any other adverse effects. Once the test is dry, pour a bit more rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and blot the mark completely. Don’t scrub or wipe, since doing so will spread the stain.

If you don’t have rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer that contains alcohol will also do the trick. Blot until the ink is lifted, then allow the walls to dry­. The alcohol should evaporate within 10 minutes. Headache, Gone.

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