Fast Fix: How to Neatly Store Wrapping Paper

This clever trick keeps unwieldy rolls of wrapping paper from causing an organizational headache.

Ah, wrapping paper. It has managed to gather into an unwieldy collection that comes in handy when a festivity arises — but sits in an unraveling mess in the back of the closet the other 360 days of the year.

It’s time to get a little bit smarter with your wrap game with this clever and lightening quick fix (which allows you to recycle a household item you would otherwise throw away):

  • Use a knife to slice through an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll, lengthwise.
  • Wrap the cardboard around the wrapping paper, fixing it into a tight roll.
  • Stack the rolls in a corner and your little collection is contained and doesn’t collapse into a tangled mess.

When it comes to extra-long rolls of wrapping paper for those big gifts in your life, use two toilet paper rolls to secure each end. Tidiness headache, gone.

And for additional wrapping paper sanity, try whittling down your collection to a few rolls with a neutral print. These will work for any birthday, anniversary or graduation, and you can customize the gifts with additional decorations or trinkets when the occasion arises.

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