Excedrin® Sinus Headache

Excedrin® Sinus Headache relieves sinus headache pain, sinus congestion and pressure, and helps clear nasal passages.

Non-prescription Excedrin® Sinus Headache for sinus headache relief contains the pain reliever acetaminophen and the nasal decongestant phenylephrine hydrochloride — and is available in Tablet and easy-to-swallow Caplet form.

Sinus headaches consist of a deep and constant pain in the cheekbones, forehead, or bridge of the nose. They are often accompanied by symptoms such as fever, runny nose, clogged ears, sinus pressure and sinus congestion.

It's important to use Excedrin® Sinus Headache according to label instructions. As with any medication, if you have any questions, contact your healthcare professional.

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