Migraines at home and at work

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Migraines at Home
& Migraines at Work

Migraine sufferers: Your life isn’t about migraines

But their toll on your life can be very real.1,2

Some migraine sufferers decline work opportunities rather than face increased stress, a major migraine trigger. To cope with migraines, others avoid outdoor activities, fearing a sudden change in the weather may trigger an attack. Avoid your personal migraine triggers.1

A migraine’s impact on work and family

In a study of people with migraine

  • 1 in 5 reported missing school or work
  • 1 in 2 reported being less productive
  • Almost 2 in 3 reported missing family events2

A few simple lifestyle changes may help migraine sufferers

Making a few changes to your daily habits may help reduce the number of migraine attacks.3

Migraines at home

  • Get up and go to bed at the same time every day
  • Eat healthy foods; don’t skip meals
  • Engage in regular physical activity
  • Limit alcoholic intake
  • Learn new techniques to reduce or cope with stress3

Migraines at work

  • Learn and apply stress management techniques
  • Make your workplace comfortable
  • Keep migraine medications within reach
  • Practice neck stretches at your desk
  • Keep earplugs at your desk to reduce unnecessary noise
  • When possible, complete work from home2
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