Don't wait until the next migraine strikes to know your triggers. The makers of Excedrin® Migraine have teamed up with a neurologist to create the My Migraine Triggers™ App – a free, easy-to-use and convenient migraine tracking tool.


Excedrin® My Migraine Triggers™


  • How do I add a new entry?

    From the My Diary screen, tap on "New Entry" to first set the date. Then under "Did you have a headache?" tap "Yes, I had a headache" or "No, I did not" to continue. After that, simply follow the steps all the way through to save.

  • How do I edit a previous entry?

    From the My Diary screen, tap on "Edit a previous entry" to get a list of all your previous entries. Tap on an entry to edit, and tap "Done" to save when you're finished. Remember, you will need to have submitted an entry prior to editing one.

  • What if I don't have information for one of the questions?

    None of the questions are mandatory in order to submit an entry. Simply tap "Next" in the top right corner of the screen if you need to continue without answering a question.

  • What if I have been exposed to a trigger that's not on the list?

    At the end of certain lists, you will see the button "Add your own answer." Tap to enter your own, then click "Done." From this point on, you will see that answer as part of the complete list.

  • How do I share my results with my doctor?

    From the "Charts" screen, click the Share icon in the top left corner. On the next screen, you can enter a start date and choose to include charts, history file or both.

    Tap "Email" to send it to yourself or someone else. You can also print by tapping "Print" but only if you have a compatible printer.

  • What if I can't remember what time my migraine started?

    That's fine, just enter your best guess.

  • What if I skip a day?

    That's OK. When adding a new entry, you can go as far back as 60 days to enter information from a previous day.

  • How do I turn off the app?

    Pushing the home button on your iPhone will minimize the app. Once the app is up again, you'll be at the spot where you left off.

    To shut down the app, quickly double tap the home button on your iPhone first. Tap and hold down the My Migraine Triggers icon until it starts to shake. Then tap the minus button to shut it down.


  • I noticed a blue question mark on certain screens. What is that?

    It provides more information on that specific field or entry through a pop-up window.

  • What does the filter button do?

    It gives you the ability to filter your charts and log by looking at certain time periods or answer categories.



Excedrin® Migraine

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