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Help Fight Head Pain With Self-Care

Find out how self care can help head pain. Supplement the use of Excedrin® by incorporating natural headache and migraine remedies into your routine
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Tips for Easing Head Pain True stories

Everyone has their own rituals for dealing with a headache – little things that help ease the head pain and make things more comfortable.
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A History of Head Pain

Ever wonder how headaches and migraines were handled in the past? Learn about the history of head pain, and how they’ve been treated throughout time.

We See Your Pain

Head pain can't hide from Excedrin. No matter what your headaches feel like, you can find headache pain relief with Excedrin Extra Strength.

Contact Us

Find contact information for Excedrin®, including phone and email details. Contact us with your questions about head pain and/or our products today.

Tension Headache

Learn how Excedrin® Tension Headache treats head, neck, and shoulder pain associated with stress and tension headaches. Visit our website to learn more.

Extra Strength

Experience quick, easy head pain relief with Excedrin® Extra Strength. Visit our website today to learn more about Excedrin® Extra Strength and other products.
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Could Positive Touch Relieve Headache Pain?

Studies show moderate pressure may relieve head pain. Learn more from Excedrin®. Use Product as Directed. To report an adverse event, call 1-800-468-7746.
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Stress Headaches

Stress that causes head pain is often referred to as a stress or tension headache. Use product as directed. To report an adverse event call 1-800-468-7746.
types of headaches and head pain

Tough Headache VS. Migraine: What's The Difference | Excedrin®

When is a headache more than just a headache? When it's really a migraine. Learn the differences in head pain and when you should call a doctor.