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3 Possible Reasons You Have a Headache at Work

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How familiar is this scenario: you walk into work in a positive frame of mind and feeling good, but by the time you shut your computer off for the day, your head is pounding and your body feels drained? If you find yourself dealing with headaches at work more often than you’d like, read on for a few reasons why it could be happening, as well as a few ways to fight back!

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You’re Under a Lot of Stress

If you’re dealing with a lingering headache at work, it could be due to stress. Stress can make migraine headaches worse by increasing certain chemicals in the brain that are released during “fight or flight” moments.

While a little bit of stress at work is unavoidable for most of us, chronic stress can have a real negative impact. If you feel overwhelmed by stress on the job, the American Psychological Association recommends employing a few tactics like establishing boundaries (you don’t have to answer that email at 10 p.m.) and developing healthy responses (like going out for a jog instead of turning to fast food or alcohol).

There’s also a whole group of apps designed to aid productivity and organization, which may help you keep yourself on track and streamline your day so you can feel less stressed at the end of it. If you’re a fan of to-do lists, timers, and taking quick notes on the go, there’s probably an app for that!

You’re Skipping Meals

Do meetings and deadlines have you chained to your desk to the point where you feel guilty about taking a lunch break? Skipping meals can lead to headaches in two specific ways: a drop in blood sugar (from lack of food) and dehydration (from not drinking enough).

If you feel like you simply don’t have the time to run out and grab lunch during your workday, spend a little bit of energy the night before preparing some healthy snacks that you can eat at your desk. Eating out of Tupperware may not be glamorous, but it will keep your body nourished and your blood sugar in check. Stashing a water bottle nearby will also help to remind you to drink throughout your busy day.

You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

Not sleeping enough at night? This could be another reason you’re dealing with headaches at work. Studies show a link between poor sleep quality and increased headaches.

According to the CDC, one in three American adults aren’t getting enough sleep, so if you deal with sleep issues, you’re not alone. Finding your personal triggers — is it stress? Is it medication? Is it environmental? — and figuring out how to deal with them will help you get the shut-eye you need to not only be a good employee, but more importantly, a healthy and happy person!