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80% of Gamers Play Through Headache Pain

We talked to gamers, and 79% felt they could play better if they were able to more effectively manage their headaches. More than 70% of gamers say getting head pain while gaming adversely affects focus and performance. Excedrin Extra Strength defeats headaches to help gamers keep their head in the game.


Tough headaches from gaming need tough backup. These Healing Class Heroes are champions on the battlefield for gamers who are at risk for suffering from throbbin’ noggins. See why it’s Game Over for Headaches.


In an exploratory study developed with experts, Excedrin tested a simple 6-step routine to mindful gaming designed to improve focus and optimize performance in gamers. From screen time to stimulus overload, these tips help manage the risk of headaches

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Level Up Your Motivation

Before you start playing, stay positive. Angry gamers are a headache: Spare the drywall, Kyle!

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Clear Eyes, Max HP, Can’t Lose

Pause the game every now and then to look at an object 20 feet away from you. Focus on this object for 20 seconds. Then return to your game play.

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Turn on some 8-Bit Chiptunes

After a long gaming stretch, throw on some relaxing or ambient music outside of your gaming headset to recharge.

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Get Sketchy

Pause the game and relax your mind by sketching or doodling –whether it’s one of your favorite avatars, a turtle or a pirate..

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Controller Hand Massage Action

Put down the game controller and give your hands a break with a hand massage. Feels good, y’all.

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Pause for Deep Breathing

Close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. Repeat this 7 to 10 times.

“I like to win, and I hate losing more than I like winning. When I get a headache --from too much light, a long gaming session --I can’t operate at my best and everything stops completely for me. Excedrin Extra Strength helps me relieve my headaches so I can keep crushing it.”

Matthew Haag,
Professional gamer
Founder & CEO of 100 ThievesExcedrin Partner


In this Healing Squad, headaches are toast! Excedrin Extra Strength’s super guild of anti-headache heroes fights to improve your gaming experience. See what makes them tick ... and what headache triggers tick them off.


When headaches related to gaming attack, power up your headache management with Excedrin Extra Strength.

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