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What is a Migraine?

If you suffer from migraine headaches, you’re not alone.

Migraines affect about 12% of American adults.1 In fact, one in four households has a family member who gets migraine headaches.2

Migraine headaches are a common – but complex – condition

Despite its prevalence, migraine is a complex illness that affects people in very different ways. You may get migraine headaches once or twice a week, or once or twice a year.3 Untreated migraine attacks can last several hours, or a few days.4

Migraine headaches can strike at any time of day, although they often occur in the morning. While migraine headaches are almost three times more common among women, 6% of men suffer from them.2

The factors that trigger migraines vary widely from person to person, and the headaches can be accompanied by a variety of migraine symptoms.2,3 But one thing almost all migraine sufferers share is the experience of migraine pain.

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Finding migraine relief

There is no cure for migraine. But there are steps you can take to gain control of your migraine headaches and find migraine relief. The first step may be understanding that migraine is a very real illness.3

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