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everyday headaches


Because you don’t have time for a mild headache to hold you back.

Taxes and conference calls and long waits at the doctor: The stress that triggers an “everyday” headache can pop up anywhere. Let’s examine the emotional stages of a headache.

Stage 1: Trigger

Ugh, another dropped call? Awesome.

Stage 2: Pain

Aaaaaaand now I have a headache. Double awesome.

Stage 3: Denial

Seriously, world, I can’t have a headache right now!

Stage 4: Frustration

Noooooo, this isn’t happening!

Stage 5: Wow, That Was Fast!

With 35% percent less medicine* plus a booster, Excedrin Mild Headache helps relieve “everyday” headaches fast.

*As compared to amount of pain reliever contained in a recommended dose of other Excedrin products.

Stage 6: Appreciation

Headache, gone. Swagger? On. Thanks for the assist, Excedrin.

Stage 7: And You’re Back!

Cue happy dance.


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