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Why You Should Have a Headache Music Playlist Ready

Find out how music can help reduce head pain.

Music is a powerful force — one that can influence how you feel. Certain genres will make you feel like dancing, while others aide in relaxation. But your favorite song may be able to reduce your pain.

What is it about music that helps treat head pain? Researchers seem to agree that it is related to how music reduces stress in listeners.(1)

One small study tested the effects of music therapy on a group of adults who experience chronic headaches.(3) Around 6 to 12 months later, those exposed to music had a reduction in the number of days that they experienced headaches and felt they had better control over their pain.(2)

While more studies are needed, headache sufferers may want to have their playlist at the ready. When you purposefully listen to a song with the intention to relax, you can feel more in control of your pain.(3)

Music can be used as a management technique in addition to your usual over-the-counter medications. Always talk to your doctor about the best headache treatment for you. Every headache sufferer is different, and treatment options will be different for everyone.

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