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Tips for head pain relief


Real people share their personal headache-busting tips.

The minutes between when your headache comes on and when headache relief arrives can feel endless. But little things can help in the meantime, so we asked a few folks for their fast fixes:

I’m a physical therapist, and I find that massaging the temporalis muscles — the tissues above your ears and around your temples — can be extremely helpful. Ice packs on the base of your skull or on the temples — or massaging that area — may also make the area feel better. — Linda Meneken, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

When I used to get migraines, I would first eat a bowl of ice cream, take a drive with all the windows open and a stiff breeze wafting through. No idea why it worked, but it did! —Amy Larchuk, Media, PA

When I get headaches, it’s usually a sign I’m exhausted, so I take a twenty-minute nap. But just 20 minutes — any more and I’m groggy. — Jenna Scott, Savannah, GA

As soon as I feel a migraine hitting, my husband will bring me ice packs for my head. It can sometimes help. — Kristin Taylor, Birmingham, AL

When I get the aura of a migraine, it’s a mad dash to stop it in its tracks. One thing that works for me is to do a few down dog yoga stretches, as well as lying on the floor with my legs up the wall. While I’m lying like that, I put an ice pack on my forehead, neck, and top of my head, which makes me feel better! —Kathleen Thometz, Western Springs, IL

I immediately put all my devices away as soon as I feel a headache starting. Even an hour without squinting at my iPhone screen makes a world of huge difference. —Kacie O’Connor, Los Angeles, CA

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