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Bike riding on a migraine-free date


Don’t let head pain ruin the fun.

There’s nothing romantic about migraines. With the throbbing pain and other symptoms, like sensitivity to light and sound and nausea, this serious type of headache can ruin just about any connection you’re trying to forge — including when you’re on a date.

That's why it's smart to have a stockpile of date ideas that may help you avoid surprising migraine triggers. Consider one of these activities for your next big date.

Go Bike Riding

Exercise is one way to keep stress at bay — and stress is a common head pain trigger. While research hasn't proven the exact mechanism behind why exercise helps reduce stress, one theory is that it may help prime your body to be more resilient in the face of anxiety. (That’s a bonus if you’re feeling anxious about the date itself, too.) So when you’re planning a day date, consider a relaxed-pace bike ride along a scenic vista, with plenty of stops for getting-to-know-you chats and selfie-taking. And don’t forget a picnic! (But check out these dietary migraine triggers before packing up). Love the idea of exercise but not a bike person? Try yoga, which also has stress-relieving benefits.

Take a Long Walk

Sure, this counts as exercise too, but this  date idea has more opportunities for hand-holding.  Exploring  the great outdoors  together  could  also  help  cut your stress risk. (1) A recent, very small study showed that adults who had more access to green space had less cortisol in their systems. (1) They also self-reported less stress than those who weren't as exposed to nature. (1) Although more studies are needed, this preliminary research is just one more reason to consider the outdoors for your next date.

See a Matinee

Excited to take your date to the midnight showing of the latest action movie? If either of you is a migraine sufferer, you might consider the matinee instead. Changes in sleep patterns can trigger migraines for some, and staying up way past bedtime to catch that flick could definitely count. A matinee, meanwhile, could fit perfectly into your sleep schedule, plus you could save a little on the ticket price and still have time for dinner afterwards. Depending on the movie, the matinees may also be less crowded — so you and your date will have your pick of the good seats.

Become A Stargazer

Looking up into a night sky filled with stars is naturally romantic — and the near-darkness of this activity is a benefit to migraine sufferers. Because light is sometimes reported as a migraine trigger for some, particularly bright and flashing lights, migraine sufferers may want to avoid the big stadium concert with all those strobe lights. But stargazing under the cover of darkness? Sounds like a dreamy alternative.

Have a Healthy Dinner

Eating together is often a date night go-to, but there could be migraine triggers hiding out on your plate. When perusing the menu, avoid food options that contain aged cheeses (like blue or cheddar), aged or smoked meats, and soy sauce. These foods, among others, contain an organically produced compound called tyramine, which can appear in aged foods. Tyramine is cited as a migraine trigger for some, so it’s best to avoid so you can stay head-pain free during all three courses. Learn more about what to order to avoid migraines.

Gone on a few migraine-free dates and now finding yourself in a new relationship? If you’re feeling nervous about talking about your migraines, check out these tips for talking about your migraines in a new relationship.


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