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migraine survival kit

The Ultimate Migraine Relief Kit

Migraines can strike at any time; with this kit you’ll be ready.

Here are a few items to include in your migraine survival kit:

  • Water Bottle - There is evidence that migraine sufferers are more prone to dehydration. Invest in a refillable water bottle and sip wherever you go.
  • Sunglasses - A pair of these might help cut down on glare from a computer screen if you have to work.
  • Migraine Diary - If you can record your diet and activities, you can help learn triggers. 
  • Treatment - Your go-to treatment should be on-hand when you need it most.


Migraineurs may be more prone to dehydration. Sip on this to hel hydrate.

water bottle


Don't be shy about wearing these inside; they can help cut down glare from office lights and computer screens.



Tracking your migraines can help ID triggers and relief options. If you're able, write down everything you're experiencing to create a record.

a leather migraine diary


If your attacks come with vomiting, keeping an airsickness bag in your purse or briefcase isn't a bad idea. You never know - you might be really glad to have it.

air sickness bag


A "migraine" playlist filled with relaxing music will come in handy when you're trying to think of anything but the pain.



Some suffers say that lying in a dark room is the only thing that helps. Dark room not an option? Shut out the light whrever you may be.

black eye mask


Applying cold to the back of the neck or temples can help some suffers. Throw one of these in the office freezer to help cut the pain.

cold pack


No ice pack? Make a quick compress by running cold water over a dry washcloth.

a red cloth


Migranes can make everything seem like LOUD NOISES. Cease it with a pair of these.

orange ear plugs


Don't try to "wait it out". No matter what medicime works best for you, have it on nahd so you can treat right away.

Excedrin migraine pack shot

See a doctor for diagnosis of migraines and migraine relief options.

There’s never a “good” time for a migraine, and anyone who suffers from them can tell you they seem to come at the worst moments.

That’s why packing a “migraine survival kit” isn’t a bad idea. Armed with a few choice comfort-providers and pain-fighters, these packs are easily stored in your backpack, your office, or even your purse.

Some items like a water bottle can even help you avoid possible migraine triggers like dehydration.

Whether you’re at the office, traveling, or at home, a kit like this one could come in handy when you need it most.

migraine triggers

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