The Ultimate Migraine Survival Kit

It never hurts to be prepared.

Migraines can strike at any time. And as most sufferers can attest, migraines hardly ever come when you’re ready.

One solution? A migraine survival kit. Armed with a few choice comfort-providers and pain-fighters, these packs are easily stored in your backpack , your office, or even your purse. Here are items worth thinking about putting in your kit.

Water. You may keep this with you all the time, anyway — and that’s not a bad idea. There is evidence that migraine sufferers are more prone to dehydration. Invest in a refillable water bottle and sip wherever you go.

Eye Mask. One migraine symptom is photophobia, or sensitivity to light. So if a migraine strikes while you’re at work or away from home, keep a portable eye mask with you so you can make a dark spot wherever you may be.

Sunglasses. If you don’t have a space where you can lie down with an eye mask, dark sunglasses might help if you experience photophobia. They might also help cut down on glare from a computer screen if you have to work.

Earplugs. When you get a migraine, do you wish you could just tell everyone to “shhh”? Quiet the noise with foam earplugs.

Migraine Diary. Tracking your symptoms in a migraine diary can help you ID your personal triggers and migraine pain relievers, both helping you deal with current migraines and possibly fending off future ones. Don’t want to carry around a journal? Check out the My app for your iPhone or Android.

Cold Packs. Applying cold to the back of the neck and temples helps relieve pain for some migraine sufferers. Luckily, there are a lot of easy-activation cold therapy packs out there that don’t need to hang out in the freezer  prior to use.

Washcloth. If you don’t want to lug around a cold pack, we totally get it. Another solution: a dry washcloth. If a migraine strikes, you can run cold water over the washcloth and use it as a quick compress. Just remember to bring a plastic zip-top bag to store the wet cloth after use.

Airsickness Bag. Hate to be the ones to bring it up, but many migraine sufferers have nausea and even vomiting during attacks. If this applies to you, consider folding up a paper bag and sticking it in your migraine kit. Who knows, you may wind up being really glad to have it.

Calming Music. A “migraine” playlist filled with music that makes you feel calm and happy may help for those moments when you’re trying to de-stress or relax. If you can put that eye mask on while you listen, even better. Also check out 15 ways to relax in less than 15 minutes.

Medicine. You should discuss the right migraine treatment with your doctor. But whether you take prescription or over-the-counter meds for your migraines, it probably goes without saying that you should keep your medications on-hand so that you have them when you need them most.

See a doctor for diagnosis of migraines and migraine relief options.



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