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Mom’s migraine tips


Migraine treatment tips from the world’s best caretakers.

She has fed you, clothed you, wiped away your tears and given you advice on everything from haircuts to dating to jobs. When you’re stressed out, you call her for comfort. So it’s no surprise that many of you have asked Mom for migraine care tips – especially if she suffers from migraines herself.

We asked migraine sufferers to share their best advice from Mom on Facebook – and we noticed one thing: It seems like cool washcloths or an icepack are approved by Moms everywhere…

“Before Excedrin Migraine, it was a cool cloth over the eyes…” – Sandra Wietzema

“Know the signs and symptoms and nip it in the bud. As soon as you feel pain behind your eye or an aura, take Excedrin [Migraine] and go to a dark, quiet place. An ice pack does wonders, too. And, she was right!” – Brenda Ortiz

“My mom still tells me (and I’m 50) a cool cloth, take my meds, no stress — and [that] she loves me and wishes she could make the migraine go away.” – Janice Worden Lamb Clemens

“Lay down in a dark quiet room with a cool cloth across your forehead.” – Francine Moore

But sometimes moms take a different approach: tough love.

 “She said, ‘suck it up and go to school.’” – Tori Griggs

We know she means well!

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