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habits to avoid for migraines

How to Avoid a Beach, Surf, and Sun Migraine

Summer’s too short to be in pain! Help ensure your seaside relaxing isn’t ruined by a migraine.

Sand, sun, surf: Nothing says summer like a trip to the beach. And there’s nothing more frustrating than getting a migraine during beach day.

Here are four tips to help you avoid getting a migraine at the beach.

Stay Hydrated

Frolicking in the surf is what the beach is all about, but while you’re packing your beach bag, don’t forget to throw in a water bottle. There is some evidence that migraine sufferers could be more sensitive to dehydration. So, a cooler of cold water bottles may not be a bad idea.

Keep Cool

Another potential trigger for some migraine sufferers is physical overexertion or exercising in the heat, so running along the beach or playing volleyball could possibly lead to head pain for some. Be sure to take shade breaks or use a spray bottle to keep cool. Learn more about potential summer headache triggers.

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Go Scent-Free

For many people, the smell of a favorite sunscreen is synonymous with a day at the beach. But for some, perfumes and fragrances can be migraine triggers. If this applies to you, consider a fragrance-free brand.

Choose Food Wisely

When hunger hits, you may want to think twice before you grab a hot dog from the food truck. Many varieties of processed meats contain nitrates, which are migraine triggers for some people. Don’t worry, though: You can swap in a burger on that grill instead. Find more food swaps that may help reduce head pain.

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