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Headache Treatment & Management

Headache Treatment

Find out how to treat your headaches.

Despite trying to follow headache prevention tips, head pain can still strike. Sometimes other action is required to find headache relief. Here are some suggestions of things you can do for a headache relief:

  • Ice packs are among the most effective nondrug headache treatments. The earlier you use an ice pack to treat your headache, the better. Besides applying it to the painful area, try placing it on the back of the neck, forehead and temples.
  • Heat can sometimes foster relaxation, increase blood flow and relax your muscles.
  • Rest in a dark room. Often a nap can give the brain an opportunity to get back to normal.
  • Ask your healthcare professional about biofeedback. Biofeedback uses electronic equipment to monitor your body systems and determine how successful you are at relaxing. It has been shown to help up to two-thirds of all headache sufferers who give it a good try. Most pain clinics and hospitals have biofeedback equipment. Sessions can be costly, but once you learn how to relax successfully, you no longer need the machine.

Use OTC Headache Medicine Responsibly

Most people treat their headaches with OTC headache medicines. But it's important to remember that these OTC headache medications should always be used appropriately.

  • Review the labels on OTC headache medicines
  • Ask your healthcare professional if you have any questions about how to use your OTC headache medication or if you are taking other nonprescription or prescription medications or suffer another chronic condition.
  • Decide which headache treatment is right for you.

Although there have been great strides in understanding and treating headache, it is important for you to continue taking a proactive role in your headache management.

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