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Score a migraine prevention touchdown with these tips.

School is back in session, the leaves are changing and football fans are trading the beach for the stadium. But a migraine can dampen even the biggest fan’s spirit, whether it’s at the tailgate or in the stands.

Got your football tickets in hand? Here are four tips to help you avoid head pain on game day.

Hydrate while you high five. It’s easy to get caught up in cheering and forget to sip some water. But migra+B35ine sufferers could be more sensitive to dehydration. Have a cooler of water bottles at the tailgate and bring (or buy) some H2O to keep at clo+36:38se reach throughout the whole game.

Beware of odors. Strong odors and perfumes can be a migraine trigger for some people. For example, if smoke from a parking lot full of tailgate grills could be a problem for you, consider having your own pre-game celebration at home.

Watch what you eat. Game day food is essential to keep you revved up for all four quarters. One staple you may want to avoid is a ham or turkey sub, as cold cuts can contain nitrates — and nitrates could be possible migraine triggers for some. Aged cheeses, salty foods and processed foods may also trigger migraines. Consider some simple food swaps or stick to popcorn, chili or a burger instead.

Plan ahead. If you’re bringing the family along to the game or hosting a big tailgate with friends, dealing with logistics at the last minute could stress you out. And stress can prolong or worsen migraines in some. Think about packing the car up the night before, and have all refrigerated food, drinks and ice organized and at the ready to fill the coolers before you set off on game day.

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