Seeking Migraine Treatment

Managing Migraines: Is it time to seek migraine treatment?

You may be able to reduce your chances of suffering from a migraine attack by knowing your potential migraine triggers.1

For migraine treatment, many people find it helpful to lie down in a dark, quiet environment.2 Some people also find it useful to place a cold washcloth on their head or use massage or relaxation techniques.2

However, it’s always important to consult a doctor if:

  • You've never been diagnosed with a migraine. Your healthcare provider may prescribe one or several prescription medicines for migraine. He or she may also recommend an over-the-counter (OTC) medicine such as Excedrin® Migraine. For some patients, Excedrin®Migraine may be all they need.
  • Migraines interfere with work, study, or your leisure activities, or you experience significant pain.3
  • Your migraines aren't controlled by your current medications.

Diagnosing migraines: Choosing a doctor

Not all doctors are experts at diagnosing and managing migraine headaches. To find one who is, ask your family doctor or a hospital in your area for a referral.

The healthcare professional you consult should also be someone with whom you feel comfortable.4 Here are some qualities to look for in your doctor-patient relationship:

Your doctor should:

  • Be good a listener and communicator
  • Treat you with genuine care and respect
  • Take your headache pain seriously4

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