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Things migraine sufferers think

Things Every Migraine Sufferer Thinks When the Pain Starts

That first hint of a migraine is an all-to-painful sensation. Commiserate here.

Most migraine sufferers may know the feeling: That first hint of pain on one side of the head, or the aura that warns something worse is on its way. Even though everyone’s migraines are different (as are everyone’s migraine triggers), that moment when a migraine starts is a painful one indeed.

No matter how you go about fending off the pain, there’s a chance you’ve thought one (or three, or all) of these things when a migraine sets in.

“No. No. Nononononono.”

“I can’t have a migraine, not today. I’ve got that [insert important, can’t-miss, career-making event here].”

“Seriously, brain. NOT. TODAY.”

“I’m so mad at my head right now.”

"Welp, comes the nausea. So much for enjoying breakfast.”

“I really, really hope I don’t throw up.”

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“Oh, wait, they’re right here in my purse. WHY WERE YOU HIDING, MEDS?”

“Water, water, water, where is the water fountain in this place?”

“Why is [insert co-worker name here] talking so LOUD today? It’s like she’s shouting.”

“I just love this feeling of a jackhammer hitting my head over and over again.”

“If I hear ‘It’s just a headache!’ one more time …”

“Don’t mind me, I’m just gonna strap this ice pack to my head here.”

“Ummm, anybody else see those lights twitch?”

“I mean, why does this office demand that the lights be so bright all the time, anyway?”

“Seriously, these fluorescent lights! It might as well be the surface of the sun!”

“Ugh now I’m one of those people who wears sunglasses inside. Whatever, judge me, fine.”

“This is definitely the worst thing ever; I’m not even being dramatic right now.”

“Head. Pillow. Now.”

“No pillow? That’s cool I’m gonna lie on the floor then.”

“I’m freaked out. Don’t look at me. Don’t talk to me.”


Now tell us — which one of these speaks to you, and what did we miss? We’re listening @Excedrin on Twitter.


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