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Making New Year's Resolutions: Why It's Important Not to Stress

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Three ways to make those NYE Resolutions stick all year long!

New year, new you. It’s fun to say, and even more fun to dream about. Who doesn’t want to finally change their life for the better and become happier during the process — all within a year’s time?

But what happens if the goals you have for 2019 don’t come together the way you want them to? And worse yet, what if it seems like everyone else around you is totally nailing it? Now what? Do you just forget the whole thing?

Why Stress Can Sabotage Resolutions

Making ambitious goals is great; they can push us out of our comfort zones, and the journey to achieve them can truly change our lives. But a key point that a lot of us don’t consider when we make these big goals is the fact that they’re actually, well, big.

Instead of taking time to plot out the small steps we’ll need to achieve weight-loss success or paying off all our credit card debt, we just focus on the main goal. And then, when achievements don’t come easily, we get stressed out, lose focus, and just bag the whole thing.

Avoid Resolution Stress — Create Your Plan

The best way to make a New Year’s resolution and come out victorious is to create a detailed plan of how you’re going to achieve it.

Finally paying off your credit card this year? Plot out how you’re going to save each month. What will you avoid spending money on in February? In April? Will you make your own coffee in the morning? Will you tone down your online shopping?

Ready to finally start working out a few days a week? Research gyms and classes in your area online, decide what days you’re going to visit, and then check them out. Talk to coaches, explain your goals, and ask what sort of benchmarks you should be focused on. Don’t forget to decide how and when you’re going to reward yourself for putting in the hard work.

The Ultimate Payoff

By plotting out small, manageable steps throughout the year, you’re giving yourself ways to feel accomplished and to avoid stressing out as you journey towards your final goal. Nothing increases motivation like little victories!

While stress is an unavoidable part of life, a little preparation can make all the difference, especially when it comes to big New Year’s resolutions. And for those times when stress and tension manage to overwhelm you, Excedrin Tension Headache can help take some pressure off your shoulders — literally — by providing relief for headaches associated with neck and shoulder pain.